Mercedes white ECOVOLVE ED1500 ELECTRIC DUMP CART with raised load

Ecovolve ED1500
Electric Dump BUGGY

The Ecovolve ED1500 Dump Buggy is the heavy-hauler of our product line.

With a pay load of 3,300 lbs and a 3-wheel drive transmission, the ED1500 Dump Buggy can easily traverse rugged terrain with large amounts of material. 

The ED1500 is the highest capacity battery-powered dump buggy in the world and the only dump buggy capable of dumping its load at over 5' 11". This machine can unload into a 30 yard dumpster.

The ED1500 can move over a cubic yard of material at up to 5 mph with an all wheel drive electric transmission making it a highly efficient piece of equipment for your fleet. 

Key features:

  • 45" wide

  • 3,300 lbs pay load

  • high dump (5' 11")

  • 63" turning radius

  • 8 hour run time at full capacity on a full charge


ED1000 (on left) and ED1500 (on right)